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Viels-Maisons Gardens

Beside a 12th century Romanesque church, Bertrande de LADOUCETTE has created with landscape gardener Sonja Gauron a series of gardens, surrounded by a park which was designed in the 17th century : A priest's garden with flowers, herbs, roses…

  • A white garden, an analemmatic sundial, hydrangeas…
  • An English garden with shrubs, old roses and perennials
  • Rhododendrons in a romantic garden designed around 1840
  • A wild garden with water and cascades
  • The wood for the 23 grandchildren…
  • A medley of colour, freshness, meditation, poetry…

One fine day, on the 6 april 1991, Thierry and Marie Benoîte were married in the delightful Viels-Maisons church. We, as parents, were overjoyed. I was very, but strangely distracted. I was gazing at the bouquets at the altar, the 18th century woodwork, the lovely stonework of the Norman arches… I had to admit that I loved this church, with its chancel dating back to 1080 and felt terribly sorry to see it closed evey day of the week. like most churches in France. I wondered what I could do to open it up, if only for a few hours, so that spiritually-minded people could come and have a little chat with Good Lord. Then, as I was stepping through the door of the derelict old kitchen, which had a gate leading towards the chuch door, the brilliant idea struck me like lightning. I was looking at six apple trees, a rusty greenhouse with no panes, a long stone wall and a meadow with a few scattered box trees… So then I made up my mind, I needed to create a garden, for myself of course, but also to attract some enthousiasts who could pay a visit to "my" church at the same time. I could invent the whole thing since I was starting from scratch. (Extract from the book entitled "Les Jardins de Viels-Maisons" by Bertrande de LADOUCETTE and Jehan LASSERON-PHILIPS, published by Gaud)  – Photo © Rodolphe FOUCHER, avril 2006.

Visite des jardins
Les jardins restent ouverts du 1er WE de juin au 3ème WE de septembre tous les jours de 14h à 18h sauf les mercredi et jeudi réservés aux groupes (+ de 20).



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Histoire de Viels-Maisons
Les jardins de Viels-Maisons ont été créés en 1991 par Bertrande de Ladoucette avec l’aide de l’architecte-paysagiste Sonja Gauron, sur l’emplacement d’un potager à la française, que l’on retrouvait déjà sur le terrier, daté de 1789...

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