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Analemmatic sundial

Man has used the path of the sun to measure time for thousands of years. The sundial has three predecessors: menhirs, obelisks and gnomons and the latter (simple rods driven into the ground) are direct ancestors of the sundial.

To allow for the “equation of time” (variation in the passage of the sun at a given point) you need to move up or down the tree trunk and stand on the slab which corresponds to the date of your visit. Then don’t forget to add an hour for summer time and to read, from the graph on the last stone, the number of minutes to add as well.

This is a curious feature of the Viels-Maisons gardens. It was created in 1997 by Yves Guyot, in front of the greenhouse which was restored that same year. The face of the sundial is horizontal. The vertical “style” is replaced by a person, whose shadow tells the time which can be read on the slabs laid in an ellipse shaped like the top of a tree. The trunk is represented by the perpendicular slabs (days of the month) and the roots by paving stones we follow to go and read the time.

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