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English garden

In the early morning, I love to stroll through the array of roses, flowering shrubs and perennials… Everything is pink, blue or fuchsia-coloured, with a splash of white mixed in. The climbing roses are charging up the apple trees, rare shrubs are blossoming, the ground is carpeted with perennial geraniums, nepetas and Alchemilla Mollis. Relax and enjoy the moment !

At the end of the day, I like to sit and contemplate the Church bell-tower for a while, through the great canopy of roses. The angelus rings, its notes resonating of prayer ! An instant of pure happiness…

The bluish foliage of the “Frances William” hostas has set the tone for all the colours of the ironwork in the Viels-Maisons Gardens. The poetic impression comes from the harmony between this colour and the plants. In the background, a robinia “Casque Rouge” adds a touch of magenta.

les jardins anglais

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