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Grandchildren garden

The great storm of December 1999 left its mark and destroyed a little wood running along the stream. Everything was grubbed up, cleared and replanted… 23 grandchildren spend their holidays at Viels-Maisons. They all have their own tree, marked with the name of the plant and the name of the grandchild to whom it belongs. Antoine has adopted a Pyrus “Chanticleer”, Flore, a “Tilia Henryana”

Take a walk on the wild side, over the little bridge and along the Ru Moreau (stream),… among ferns, gunneras, a wonderful hydrangea “Papillon”(butterfly), a few wild grasses, a pretty tree – the Cercis “Forest Pansy” and a Cercidiphyllum Japonicum which has yellow and pink foliage and a spicy fragrance in the autumn !

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