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Go along the moat and you will find more roses, ground-cover plants and a statue of grandfather, Prefect Jean-Charles de LADOUCETTE, enthroned on large stone from the old château, with “Souvenir de Sainte Anne” roses.

Enchanting in mid-July when the roses are resting after their mad flourish in June.
Go back down towards the moat to see some Hydrangea Tardiva under a Magnolia Grandiflora and autumn colours in the mound. There’s a bed with several hydrangeas including “Sargentiana”, “Annabelle”, Quercifolia “Snowflake”, “Preziosa”, Paniculata “Kyushu”, “Pink Diamond” and “Limelight”, plus a Malus “Everest” and at the end of the bed, a trench of peat for an absolute wonder: Enkianthus Campanulata (I can smell its fruity fragrance as I come out of my house in the summer!) and the peeling trunk of the Acer Griseum…

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