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Parish Priest’s garden

Do you know which 7 things should be found in a Priest’s Garden ?

It’s all here in this French-style garden: the 32 rectangles are fringed with lavender cotton, lavenders, thymes and box. They are very fragrant in the early morning, when the “Lonette Chenault”, “Vent d’Été” and “Buff Beauty” roses also open and blend in their scents.

See the symmetry in the colours? Imagine this garden like a book folding down the central paths from the well. The colours of the eight outside beds are the same. The paths around the well too. They are not necessarily the same flowers, but flowers of the same colours.
The colours are repeated in the different rectangles, the beds mirror each other, creating a clever symmetry full of peace, charm and joy.

  1. Fruit and vegetebales for the priest’s food
  2. Flowers for decorating the church
  3. Medicinal plants because priests tended the body too in the old days
  4. Vines to make wine for mass (in the greenhouse)
  5. Water for watering the garden and for little birds (well in the middle)
  6. Box plants, as a symbol of eternity, used to sprinkle the faithful with holy water on Palm Sunday
  7. A statue of the Blessed Virgin for the priest’s prayers.

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