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Antiquites et ornements de jardinsBoutique


Romantic garden

A wrought-iron bridge spans the old moat. “New Dawn” and “Pink Cloud” roses are interlaced through the rail. The bridge has replaced a drawbridge that was destroyed during the Revolution, along with the château. One of the banks is lined with peonies, cotinus, viburnums, heucheras and Alchemilla Mollis.

This was the work of Prefect Jean Charles de LADOUCETTE around 1840. We still have half the moat of the old château, three two-hundred-year-old Sequoia Gigantea, a cedar of Lebanon, a lovely view over the ornamental lake and the waterfalls which are attributed to Louis Sulpice Varé. Hydrangeas, rhododendrons and trees with pretty trunks look enchanting around the gazebo !

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