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Viels-Maisons garden shop, also called “The Gardener’s House”

La boutique des jardins de Viels-Maisons

The Gardener’s House dates back to the 17th century, and is mentioned in the 1789 land register.  It was occupied until 1964 by families working on the estate.

It was abandoned and left as a ruin until 1997.  The lovely little house with its sheep barn was then restored and has become the reception area for the gardens, including a shop and indispensable toilets.

In 2010 the shop will start selling scent-based monastery products – jams, soaps incorporating garden flowers, balms and perfumes, sweets and biscuits, etc.  All prayerfully made by monks.

The problem that faces all owners who, like me, work in their gardens is often one that involves glasses.  When I lean down my glasses fall off; when I get hot they slide down my nose.  The daughter of a friend of mine has started making bags in all sizes, including wonderful tiny pouches with garden motifs, fastened with cord or ribbon.  I hang them across my chest … I come back to life!  She had the bright idea of including a pocket for the ever-present mobile phone.  You can find her bags and pouches in the garden shop.

You can always order a tea or a coffee, or a glass of apple juice or cider.

You can come to the shop without visiting the garden – there will always be a warm welcome, and at 5 p.m. sharp we could take tea together.

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